Places You Need to Visit in the UK

The United Kingdom is a country with an impressive history and with plenty of stunning landscapes as well, not to mention the vibrant cities that tourists all over the world come to visit all year round. If we caught your attention then we are happy to talk in this article about some of the most amazing places you need to visit in the UK at least once in a lifetime.

London, the United Kingdom’s All-in-One Destination

It is definitely not possible to plan a trip to the UK and not visit London. This beautiful and vibrant metropolis is certainly very busy but very charming at the same time. You can basically do anything you want here. No matter what your tastes are in terms of fun you will find something to your liking. There is plenty to see and only one trip here will most probably not be enough. You will need to come back in order to enjoy to the fullest everything that the stunning City of London has to offer.

Spectacular Windsor Castle

This is another place you must certainly visit in the United Kingdom. Windsor is the most famous royal castle in entire England, and the massive construction is without a doubt very impressive. It has served in the past as the summer residence of British royalty for about a millennium. Highlights include the amazing State Apartments that contain the Queen’s Gallery and dining hall. The ceilings are beautifully painted and the St. George’s Chapel is the home of the Knights & Ladies of the Ancient Order of Garter. Don’t omit the Legoland Windsor which is a fun family resort set in not more and not less than 150 acres of parkland. However, just make sure you don’t miss this famous attraction.

The Cotswolds and Lake District

This idyllic part of England is something that all of us should have in mind to visit at some point. The countryside from here is spectacular. Cotswolds and Lake District are undoubtedly the most photographed corners of the United Kingdom due to their beautiful landscapes. These places are also very close to Bristol and Bath, some lovely cities. Cotswolds includes some of the best parts of England such as Somerset, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire. With so many natural treasures we are sure that you will absolutely love these parts of the UK.

Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

This is one of the planet’s oldest World Heritage Sites and it has been in the past a place of pilgrimage. This sprawling site covers an area of more than 20 square kilometers and it boasts a state-of-the-art visitor center that provides a wonderful glimpse not only into the amazing construction of Stonehenge but also its interesting history since then. As a tip, in case you decide to visit this place, you need to plan ahead and get a timed ticket for the day of your visit. Also, make sure you take your time to explore the nearby medieval city of Salisbury.

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